All calls are recorded for quality assurance. Recorded calls are available for up to 24 months after the call is received. Our monthly fees include:

How Does it Work?

When you become a customer with Freedom Answering Service, we will work with you to develop a customized protocol for your business, along with a list of Frequently Asked Questions and answers.

Our Services

In today's highly competitive market, being available to your customers is essential. But, it's not cost-effective to have employees on duty 24 hours a day. Whether you receive only a few after hours calls or many, Freedom Answering Service can help you deliver quality customer service, even when you are out of the office.

Commercial Businesses

In an emergency, customers need answers immediately. If they don't get them, they will find another company. Commercial businesses, such as plumbing, heating and cooling, technology consulting and property damage, must be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Funeral Homes

Answering calls for funeral homes requires special training by a caring, compassionate person. Freedom Answering Service has operators trained in funeral service protocols. These employees only work with our funeral home clients.  More

Medical Offices

Patients need to know they can get answers to the questions any time of the day, not just during office hours. Freedom Answering Service will be there to answer calls and route them according to your preferred instructions. More

Nonprofit Organizations

Many non-profit organizations have activities after office hours or on weekends. Freedom Answering Service can give you peace of mind. We will be there to answer any emergency calls or even routine questions for your clients and volunteers.

Small Businesses

High quality customer service doesn't have to be limited to bigger companies. Small business owners can deliver that same level of service to their customers. Let the staff at Freedom Answering Service serve as your receptionist either during work hours or after hours. So, when you are meeting with a customer or giving a big sales presentation, your other customers will still receive prompt attention.